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Car Insurance Italy
We can provide expatriates resident in Italy with a low cost car insurance policy.

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Car Insurance in Italy

We are no longer offering a car insurance service on this website. Please take some time to look at our core financial planning services for Italian residents here.

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Low Cost Car Insurance for Expatriates Resident in Italy

Insuring your car in Italy can be expensive, particularly because you cannot normally bring with you the no claims record you may have built up in either your home country or your most recent country of residence. We can provide expatriates resident in Italy with a low cost car insurance policy, written in English, which can provide the following benefits:-

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Third Party Liability coverage
  • Primary and Excess Liability Coverage

To qualify for these low rates, you need to be one of the following:-

  • A Government or Foreign Service Employee or Contractor
  • A Professional Person Working for a Multi National Organization
  • A Qualified Professional such as a Teacher, Doctor or lawyer.
  • A Business Owner or Senior Manager in a local Company.
  • A Retired Person who was previously one of the above.

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