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Complaints Policy

UNITY FINANCIAL PARTNERS SRL is directly interested in knowing, identifying and correcting any cause that could give rise to a disservice or that could be translated into a reason for dissatisfaction on the part of customers. This means that every claim will be received in constructive terms to guarantee an efficient and prompt service characterized by courtesy and quality.

In compliance with the provisions of ISVAP Regulation no. 24 of May 19, 2008, as amended and supplemented by the IVASS Regulation no. 46/2016, a complaint means a declaration of dissatisfaction with the insurance company or an insurance intermediary, of which the insurance company avails itself, related to a contract or an insurance service; requests for information or clarifications, claims for damages or requests of execution of the contract are not considered complaints.

Clients who are not satisfied with the service received can notify us their complaints regarding the contractual relationship by writing to claim@unityfinancialpartners.com and taking care to indicate the following data:

  • name, surname, full address and telephone number of the person who do the complaint;
  • the policy number and name of the contractor;
  • any number and date of the insurance claim, to which reference is made;
  • any indication of the subject or subjects whose actions are complained of;
  • brief description of the reason for complaint;
  • any other indication and document useful for describing the circumstances.

As an alternative to using e-mail you can send a fax to the following number 06-60513817 or write to:

Complaints office
Viale William Shakespeare 47
00144 Rome.

The Company will take care of the complaint and respond to the Client within a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt of the same.

If then the person who made a complaint is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or in case of absence of reply within a maximum of 15 days, he can contact IVASS - Institute for Insurance Supervision - Consumer Protection Service, Via del Quirinale, 21, 00187 Rome (fax: 06-42.133.745 - taking care to indicate the following data:

  • name, surname and address of the complainant, with possible telephone number;
  • indication of the subject or subjects whose actions are complained of;
  • brief description of the reason for complaint;
  • a copy of the complaint presented to the insurance company or broker and any feedback provided by the same;
  • any document useful for describing the circumstances.

Any complaints not related to the contractual relationship, but related to the failure to comply with other provisions of the Insurance Code, the related implementation rules, as well as the rules on distance marketing of insurance products, can be presented directly to IVASS according to the procedures indicated above . Complaints related to an object of which has already been appealed to the Judge do not fall within the competence of IVASS.

The Complaint Office Manager is Dr. Sorbera Annibale Sarino the Head of Company Compliance.

UNITY FINANCIAL PARTNERS SRL has adopted a Complaint Management Policy which includes:

  • the independence of the Head of the complaints office with respect to the functions responsible for managing the contractual relationship;
  • forms, times lower than those foreseen by IVASS (45 days for the customer's response) and complaints management methods;
  • adequate training of the personnel involved in complaints;
  • involvement of the President of the Board.

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